Schaubtec: quality, rigor and know-how at the service of customers

Schaubtec has been on the market for over 20 years in the optical industry, stainless steel decoration and rubber and stainless steel parts. Family business, focused on values such as quality and rigor, Schaubtec invests in quality and training to continue to meet customer expectations.

How do you characterize the company, in its way of working, so that it stands out in the market?

Schaubtec is a family company in origin, which with its technical knowledge allows us to develop, in close proximity to our customers, the best solutions worldwide. We stand out in the market with three powerful factors: German quality/rigor, professional secrecy and loyalty to our customers. We thus transmit transparency, honoring the trust placed in us.

The components they produce are all very specific. Is this production geared towards customer requirements or is it possible to produce in a standardized way?

The components we produce are all very specific, yes, just like our work. One of Schaubtec’s strengths is the tailor-made development of the articles it produces and the ability to make small or large quantities, but always focused on the interests of our customers.

Technology is, of course, fundamental to carrying out your work. How does Schaubtec position itself in terms of technological advancement and the know-how of its employees?

Schaubtec stands out, with hard work, with the will to innovate and transform itself in order to keep up with global variations. The continuous training of our employees translates into the fulfillment of a requirement/requirement of our company, which we want to keep. We also invest heavily in researching and creating tools and products that allow us to develop better quality parts at increasingly competitive prices.

Schaubtec recently received the Top 5% distinction for SMEs, awarded by Scoring. How important is this distinction?

Naturally, it is a pleasure to be distinguished, it is always a validation of our work and nowadays, when the falsification/copying of products is a reality, this distinction is the public recognition of the work we have been doing, proves the excellence of our work. We played, respectfully, with all our customers and partners.

How do you think the national economy will recover? Will 2022 be a year of growth?

I believe that the issue of the Covid-19 pandemic, which shook the world economy and by dragging the national economy, brought a very great degree of uncertainty, regarding the forecast of the recovery of our economy. The emergence of the fifth wave has now further shuffled these predictions. However, as we all learn to live with the virus and the population is practically fully vaccinated, in addition to the incentives that the recovery and resilience program will bring to our economy, I believe that the conditions are in place for 2022 to be a year of growth, albeit tenuous.

What will 2022 look like for Schaubtec? Will there be any news?

Our tendency is to continue to evolve, we are in constant training so that we can really be an added value for the customer who seeks us. We believe that people are the main asset of a company and that’s why we have an experienced team, which we are strengthening, thus allowing our customers to find unique people for this business area, which is so specific.