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SCHAUBTEC was founded in 1998. Over the years it has become a reference supplier due to its German rigor, the quality of its products and the experience of over 40 years in area of optics and can thus provide a solution to any optical problem.

With the help of strong partners and collaborators, we have achieved high standards of competitiveness. Currently, SCHAUBTEC is one of the main suppliers of prestigious companies worldwide and all of its production is exported to Germany.

For the future, we intend to increase our range of customers who are the focus of our activities. With 20 years of existence in the market, SCHAUBTEC , offers professionalism, rigor and excellent work.

One of the strengths of SCHAUBTEC is the tailored development of the work it does and the ability to produce small or large quantities.

SCHAUBTEC is also highly sought after for the high quality and perfection Teflon bath, which it applies to the most varied pieces.

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